All Sorts of Tips for a Stressfree Wedding

by Jane Guerin

As the mother of two grooms with recent weddings and rehearsal dinners under my belt, it dawned on me just the other day, how much knowledge I gained and how many lessons I learned as 1) the Mother of the Groom and 2) the floral designer for some elements of each wedding. Both weddings were destination weddings, so I learned first hand about long distance coordinating and the logistics for designing flowers for an out-of-town wedding. I learned great lessons in terms of managing stress and being completely "in the moment" for both of those weddings. We worked with wonderfully experienced planners in Palm Beach, Fl and Charleston, SC, and learned so much!

As I was meeting with a couple the other day, I was sharing lots of tips and advice that had nothing to do with florals, but everything to do with having a wonderful, magical wedding weekend! One tip had to do with the responsibilities of the Best Man to ensure that the wedding goes along with no hitches, and if there are hitches, you the bride and groom know nothing about it - it was handled! I find myself talking to brides and moms about the realities of lots of DIY. I can't tell you how many moms call, last minute, to have me do some things they thought they could do. It's really important to realistically think these things through and to discuss them out loud with someone with experience, who can estimate the time investment. I learned first hand.

In my career before I became a wedding floral designer, I managed lots of large projects and events with detailed timelines and budgets. I was the leader and mentor of a lot of people and taught them the importance of planning and organization, the importance of relationship building and establishing trust with those with whom they worked. I knew that the skills and knowledge that I learned were priceless to me in lots of ways, but it just dawned on me how much of that knowledge I share with my clients just in conversation. Some of my clients have some family weddings under their belt, but for many this is the first wedding that they have planned and they seem to "soak up" the information that I share. I've seen them even take notes. I'm so glad that I came to this career at the time I did! Life experiences are invaluable, and I'm so glad that I bring lessons learned to my clients!

Speaking of words of wisdom, I just read an article that listed a few "must haves" for your wedding and I thought I would share them.

1) Soulmates heel protector caps to place on the heels of your shoes. This distributes your weight and makes it easier to walk on uneven surfaces. (I could have used these at both of my son's weddings! If I had only known.)

2) Band-Aid's Friction Block Stick to rub on areas where your feet are sticking. It's like wearing a sock! (Don't forget to have 3 pairs of shoes at your wedding just in case: heels, wedges, and sandals.)

3) Pregnancy Nausea Lozenges tucked into your get ready bag. They work quickly to settle a nervous stomach!