by Jane Guerin

This year has been what I guess I would call a breakout year for Jane Guerin, flowers. We are on track to do about 70 weddings this year. Whoop!!! That's is a lot of weddings, so now there are 5 of us who love, love, love doing wedding flowers. We have as much fun getting to know our brides as we do designing their flowers.

In our effort to create a sustainable world, we are not only sourcing flowers grown in the US as well as local flowers, but we are growing some flowers as well. (NOT on the scale of some flower farmers who do that for a living, but we grow just enough to have for some of our weddings of brides who like that natural look and feel that is so trending now.) Of course, we forage to create that "gardeny" loose natural feel, and we do some "civic" pruning. (With permission, of course.)  Do we still have to buy imported flowers? Yes. But seriously, we make a conscious effort to buy from US growers and Virginia growers as much as possible!

This year I have collaborated with an old customer turned friend, and bought lots of her peonies. For just one wedding, we held over 100 stems in the cooler for 3 weeks so we could bring these gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous flowers to our brides! We have big plans for next year as well.



We see no signs of slowing down! This has been our first year that we have had to turn down what seems like a lot of weddings to me. If you like our work and philosophy, and you would like for Jane Guerin, flowers to do your wedding flowers, please contact us sooner rather than later to be sure we can work with you.