Jane Guerin, flowers and artist Sunny Goode

by Jane

I had so much fun with these flowers for this party. It was a party featuring the celebrated Richmond artist, Sunny Goode. Her work is fabulous!!! I loved, loved, loved it! And she is just lovely!!!! 

My client gave me pretty much a blank slate for this party. She did give me the invitation showing me the color scheme, which really complemented the artist's work! She gave me some FABULOUS containers, and I used some of mine as well.  She also told me she wanted designs that were more current and fun...... JUST MY CUP OF TEA!!!!!

So here are the designs I created.

Loved these vibernum from LynnVale Studio!! I love locally sourced flowers as well as my food!!!

I captured the design in the vase with the flowers!! I did love this!!

Isn't this epergne the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen? So, historically they were use primarily to display fruit as well as flowers. So, I decided to use both in an effort to present a current look and stay true to history and tradition. You can't see the purple baby artichokes, but they were great. I also put the artichokes, key limes, and kumquats in the arrangement to tie it together, but I didn't capture them in this shot.

This design was for a table on the deck! The weather happened to be fabuous! How fun and cute is this?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed designing the flowers for this party!

If you love Sunny Goode's work as much as I do, visit her web site at www.sunnygoode.com!