A Wedding Featured in Heart and Love Weddings

by Jane

One of the weddings I did last fall has been featured in the wedding blog, Heart and Love Weddings. I am just so happy to share this post. I knew the bride, Amy, was very happy with her flowers, but I just didn't know she was "over the top" happy until she sent me the feature to read.

I remember meeting with Amy, and taking copious notes, but apparently I missed something. I remember putting together a proposal, which I thought totally captured her vision, sending it to her and pretty soon after, getting a call from her. She told me we had a disconnect somewhere and proceeded to restate her vision and desires for her flowers. She did it in a positive way, and I think you see the results of that collaboration. It truly is a collaboration in which both the bride and the floral designer have the very same goal - gorgeous flowers on wedding day! I think Amy knew that! She is a special girl!!!

I really, really do feel very close to my brides by the time of the wedding (usually by the end of the first consultation). There is just this strong connection that I feel, which is very hard to define. I guess it has to do with being a part of one of the most special days in a bride's life.  My goal for each and every bride, is to execute the bride's vision in a beautiful and elegant style, with a huge emphasis on "elegant". 

Enjoy the spectacular photography of the very talented Carly Rehberg.