Christian Tortu at FlowerSchool New York

by Jane

Wow! What a genius!!!!!! I was totally inspired by Christian Tortu who taught a class at FlowerSchool New York. The class was titled "Impressionist Flowers from Giverney" and we created a bouquet that truly looked like an impressionist painting! Oh how I loved the soft palate!

Christian Tortu was born in France's Anjou regions to parents who were truck farmers. In fact, his family has been producing crops for market for generations. He credits his native countryside for his inspiration. He has designed flowers for the great fashion houses of Dior and Chanel as well as for the Cannes Film Festival. His latest book, Sensational Bouquets, is so gorgeous...his arrangements are examples of how he bends the rules of traditional flower arranging to design fabulous and thoroughly contemporary bouquets. He has shops in Paris and Tokyo, and I mean gorgeous shops!!!

I continue to be inspired by so many Master Floral Designers at FlowerSchool New York! As one of my fellow classmates and floral designer from Philadelphia and I discussed, studying with these different designers helps us grow by challenging us to stretch beyond what is just comfortable, increases our design sensibilities, and keeps us relelvant in this world of many styles of floral design!!!

Christian Tortu and Eileen Johnson of FlowerSchool New York

My Bouquet.

Here we are!!!! What a talented man...just genius!!!! Loved the class!