A Vision

by Jane

I absolutely love what I do. I love getting to meet with brides-to-be and, lots of times, the mother of the bride and/or the mother of the groom. It's so much fun to discover the vision for a wedding, and then execute that vision.

No matter what the vision, my goal is to achieve it in an interesting and elegant fashion - underscore interesting - underscore elegant! I like to include texture, and I love to combine interesting color combinations....even my all white bouquets are not all one white!

A wedding this weekend was inspired by nature. The bride lives in San Francisco, so no wonder. (I've never seen such gorgeous and bountiful flowers as those in the San Francisco Brannon Street Flower Market....yes I visited it at 5 am while on vacation!!!) Oh, I purchased the peach colored silk ribbon on the bouquet from France! Move over Midori!!!! Not really - I still adore Midori!

Here is her centerpiece!

This bride had me when she told me her dress was peach! She and I had fun!!!!! Oh, it was an outdoor wedding (wildflowers laid end to end on each side of the isle) and the rain absolutely stopped in time for the ceremony and began again when the ceremony was over and all were safe inside at the reception! FABULOUS wedding! Let's do it again, Katie!