Ariella Chezar at FlowerSchool New York

by Jane

Oh my goodness! I was in heaven this last Thursday night. I attended the Ariella Chezar Workshop at FlowerSchool New York. Every time I think a class cannot get any better, it does.

I don't know if you are familiar with Ariella's work, but you should be. She is phenomenal!!!! Not only is she gifted, but she is as gracious and as generous as can be. I mentioned to her that sometimes I have a hard time finding the material that I want, and she offered to help me find any flowers that I am trying to find. I am so impressed and so very appreciative!

Let me get back to the topic of her work. She so beautifully combines art and nature. She gathers a lot of her material from the woodlands, which gives such a natural feel to her gorgeous work. I read that her mother was an artist, and this talent has, obviously, been passed down to Ariella. As for me, I hope to incorporate some of her techniques into my work in the future. I have my own style, but some of Ariella's techniques can only enhance my work. We all have those who influence our style, and Ariella is certainly one whose style I adore. She is GREAT!!!!

This is my arrangement. It was not easy, as we all discussed!!! The goal is for it to be gorgeous and not look like a "tangled mess."

You know, I've taken classes from a lot of extremely talented people, but I think what makes Ariella different (in addition to her work) is her spirit. She is one of the lovliest people I've ever met.

As always, I look forward to the next FlowerSchool New York class that "speaks to me."