My Next Door Neighbor is Korie Lynn Photography

by Jane

How lucky am I to have a very, very talented photographer next door to my studio? After a recent photo shoot, Korie offered to take pictures of my flowers in her very edgey shop! (She transformed her space in our 1826 building into a stunning studio.) Not only is she very talented, she is so very generous, offering to take photos of any of my arrangements and bouquets. I love this picture of my design studio!

The following photos are my flowers from the photo shoot, except for the roses in the cube. This is a more contemporary look than we used for the photo shoot, but one that I love! I love all design styles, but my favorite style is a little more contemporary. It's more flowers than filler and foliage - the style I study in New York!

I just love these beautiful photographs. If you've not checked out Korie's web site, go to www. (I'm so envious of her blog!!!!)