Fall has arrived at the San Francisco Flower Market

by Jane

Oh my goodness was I in heaven at the San Francisco Flower Market last week!!!!  I went to the San Francisco Flower Market to meet with a contact given to me by Ariella Chezar. The first day I went to the market, they were closing at 10:00 am. (They open at 2:00 am. The floral design world is an early morning industry, and those who work on the wholesale side of this business never cease to amaze me.) So, I made an appointment with Barbara to return on Monday between 7 and 8 am. When I got there last Monday, I was speechless. The flowers were phenominal...I mean phenominal!!!! I have never seen such incredible blooms. There are several varieties that are available in CA, after they are no longer available on the East coast, at a reasonable price. There is also more branch and vine material available as well. I also met with a designer in St. Helena, CA (Napa Valley) and we shared experiences. It was so fun to talk about the differences in design on the west coast vs. the east coast. It was a fabulous trip with lots of good food, great wine, spectacular views and flowers galore!!!!! I have already begun to incorporate some of the west coast design concepts into my arrangements, which I think already combine elements of east coast ideas with the unique style of the deep south. I am always evolving! I cannot stand to do the same thing over and over, especially when so many new design concepts are always emerging!

Ok, everyone do you see what I'm talking about??? I have to stop uploading pictures, but I have so many more!!! I just could eat these pictures!!!!!!!!!